Healthy Seas Socks

Healthy Seas Socks make a more sustainable lifestyle easily accessible for everyone. These super soft and comfortable socks are partially made of lost or abandoned fishing nets.

The socks are comfortable, soft and seamless, which makes them perfect for a cosy night-in or for a long hike.


✓ 28% Regenerated nylon
✓ 70% GOTS organic cotton
✓ 2% Elastane



Healthy Seas Socks

  • Wash at 30 degrees C.

  • Healthy Seas is an initiative of a non-governmental organization and businesses that share a common mission: clean the seas of marine litter, mainly derelict fishing nets, responsible for the needless death of marine animals.

    Founded in 2013 we work in 3 regions in Europe: North Sea, Adriatic Sea and Mediterranean, with 100 volunteer divers and several fishing communities.

    About Healthy Seas


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